YWAM Europe 24/7 prayer


Prayer is foundational for the harvest to be gathered in Europe. It’s time to stretch a spiritual tent of prayer across this continent!  This is an invitation to YWAMers to collaborate and cover 24/7 nonstop prayer. It is a key time to begin, as this season of shaking and upheaval has our attention. In these days, the Lord has spoken of RESET, RETURN, REPENTANCE, RESTORATION, and RENEWAL.


YWAMers have been faithfully praying, so this is an effort to link arms and cover Europe together. We can’t physically be in one place, but we can focus and commit to this together.  There are about 2000 YWAMers in Europe, so  if 10% join in weekly, taking on 1 hour slots, it can happen!  As we see others praying, it will be an encouragement to each of us to not grow weary.


The sign up calendar has dates and 1 hour slots covering 24 hours.  Choose a time and sign up with your first name  location, and nation.  This way others can see what is already covered.  More than one can sign up for a time slot, but of course we would love to see all of the hours covered.  In the beginning, it may be challenging to fill 24/7, but let’s press towards the goal.





   day and night, night and day…








           …let incense arise





Take at least 5-10 minutes to pray for the specified nations during your time slot.

Feel free to sign up as an individual,  group or location.

Sign up as often as you want, challenge yourself to commit as the Lord directs.

If you receive specific words or encouragement for a nation or location, find a way to share with them.

Share with others and let’s spur one another on to prayer and obedience.

Topics for prayer

For harvest in Europe and laborers to go to the last, least and lost.

For YWAM expressions throughout Europe to grow in creativity, fruitfulness, power of the Holy Spirit, and  influence.  

For pioneers to establish fresh initiatives, especially in Central and Eastern Europe and the  less reached.

For  penetration of  the gospel of the Kingdom and permeate every sphere and area of society.

For ongoing renewal in YWAM—commitment to lives of holiness, humility, purity, power, obedience, prayer and dependence upon God.

For leaders in YWAM, the church, government and authority in Europe.

Challenges in Europe:  political instability, unresolved political and ethnic conflicts, refugee issues, polarization, extremism, fallout from COVID-19…

Covering the Nations

*timetable CEST zone, adjust time as needed


12am-1am  Switzerland & Scotland
1am-2am    Netherlands & Ireland
2am-3am    England & Denmark
3am-4am    Norway & Wales
4am-5am    Germany & N. Ireland
5am-6am    France & Finland
6am-7am    Spain & Belarus
7am-8am    Serbia & Latvia
8am-9am    Ukraine & Greece
9am-10am   Italy & Bulgaria

10am-11am  Montenegro & Monaco
11am-12pm  Poland & Cyprus




12pm-1pm    Kosovo & Croatia

1pm-2pm     Moldova & Portugal
2pm-3pm     Malta & Bosnia-Herzegovina 

3pm-4pm     Macedonia & Slovenia & Faroe Islands
4pm-5pm     Estonia & Andorra & Georgia
5pm-6pm     Belgium, Luxembourg & Armenia
6pm-7pm     Lithuania & Czech Republic
7pm-8pm     Lichtenstein & Austria
8pm-9pm     Slovakia & Iceland
9pm-10pm   San Marino & Hungary
10pm-11pm  Russia & Albania
11pm-12am  Romania & Sweden

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